It's Time for Your Furnace Cleaning with Comfort Climate Service

The heating season has finally arrived in the south.  It’s time for a comprehensive furnace inspection and tune-up by a qualified HVAC professional.  A properly maintained furnace will operate more efficiently and have a longer life span, resulting in immediate as well as long-term money savings.  Below is the Furnace Cleaning Checklist of maintenance tasks your HVAC professional should perform.


Furnace Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Observe operation of unit, paying close attention to operation of fans.  Loud fan operation can indicate premature bearing failure.
  • Clean flame sensor & flame igniter to remove carbon build up.
  • Inspect & clear all hoses to remove any blockages.
  • Check fan blades for dirt & buildup causing excessive unit vibration & noise.  Clean if needed.
  • Inspect blower door to ensure there is a good seal, preventing surrounding non-temperature controlled air from being drawn inside unit.
  • Check safety operation of blower door safety switch.
  • Check duct connections at unit for air loss into surrounding environment.
  • Test operation of the unit’s negative pressure safety switch.
  • Check return filter to ensure adequate airflow through return duct.
  • Clean burner rail assemble to remove carbon buildup, which can cause flame distribution to the heat exchanger.
  • Check all electrical entry points into the unit to ensure wire connectors exist & are secure.
  • Check wires & connections.  Replace any wiring showing signs of heat damage or with cracked insulation.
  • Check evaporator coil for blockage, which could prevent adequate airflow.
  • Check blower capacitor to ensure proper speed of fan motor.
  • Inspect all pipe fitting connections along gas line supply to ensure no gas leaks exist.
  • Check heat exchanger for cracks & corrosion.
  • Check combustion safety switch for proper operation.
  • Check for proper sealing at all combustion vent connections.
  • Check all duct lines for areas of collapse or excessive turns, which cause airflow restrictions.

For more expert advice about furnace maintenance, or to schedule a preventive tune-up with one of our highly qualified HVAC professionals, please contact Comfort Climate Service or call 205-712-7739.  We provide quality and prompt service in Millport, Vernon, Sulligent, Fayette and surrounding areas in Alabama.

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