An out of shape air conditioner can be sluggish and have a hard time keeping up in the dog days of summer.  These exercises will get your AC in tip-top shape for the summer season.  Your utility bills will be leaner while you relax in the cool comfort of your home.


Alan Performing AC Spring Cleaning

1) Shed unwanted dirt and debris around your outdoor coil.

When the outdoor coil is obstructed by dirt, pet hair, grass or other loose debris, airflow is restricted.  It is your air conditioner’s job to remove heat from the indoor air, transferring the heat to the air outdoors. Optimal air flow is required to achieve peak performance.  When air flow is restricted, equipment is forced to work harder, using more energy and increasing utility bills.  This can cause overheating, leading to equipment failure and costly repairs.  Your HVAC technician will clean your outdoor coil with a special cleaner that loosens and dissolves dirt and grime, then rinse throughly with water.  Any bent fins, enemies of optimal air flow, will be straightened as well.

2) Blow out your condensate line and clean that pan.

AC condensate drain pans can be a breeding ground for slime and algae.  Over time, the slime builds up and can clog the condensate drain line.  This forces the contents in the drain pan to overflow, often causing expensive damage to the ceilings and walls of your home.

During your annual AC maintenance checkup, your HVAC technician will blow out your condensate line, clean the condensate pan and inspect the primary and backup drains.  All slimy buildup will be blown out of the line and your system will be flowing freely.

3) Measure your refrigerant levels.

Your refrigerant must weigh in on target.  If refrigerant is over or under weight, cooling capacity will be reduced and run time extended, resulting in excessive wear of critical components in your unit.  Extended run time will cause bloating of your energy bills.

4) Tighten up those electrical connections.

The leading factor in residential air conditioning fires is a short circuit. A short occurs when an electrified wire touches ground. Over time, equipment vibration can cause loose connections or a break in the wire insulation. During a tune-up, your HVAC technician will check electrical connections and wires, as well as safety switches and relays to ensure proper functioning.

5) Take a look at the AC indoor coil.

The correct type and frequently changed air filter will protect the indoor coil from dust and debris.  If not well maintained, it will become dirty and will need to be professionally cleaned.  If a cleaning is necessary, it should rarely if ever have to be performed again when the correct air filter is used and regularly changed.

See our Preventative Maintenance page for a more comprehensive list of tasks performed during our Spring preventative maintenance cleaning.  If you have any questions regarding our services or to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment, call Comfort Climate Service at 205-712-7739.  We provide quality service at competitive prices, serving Millport, Vernon, Sulligent, Fayette and surrounding areas in Lamar, Fayette, and Pickens counties in Alabama.