Cold Woman - Heat Blowing Cold Air


I have central heat and air. I had to reset the breaker for the furnace today. The heater never comes on in auto mode. I have a digital thermostat. I have also reset the breakers on the furnace itself. The blower will come on with it in manual. Why is my home heat blowing cold air only?  Any help would be nice.


Several possible things could be the cause of your home heat blowing cold air only. If your fan motor is not coming on when the thermostat is on the call for heat with the fan setting on auto, this could be caused by several issues.

One: The thermostat could be faulty.

Two: You have a break in the low voltage heat wire (white) from the thermostat to the furnace.

Three: Heat/fan relay at the furnace could be faulty.

With your furnace tripping breakers scenarios one and two are both unlikely.  I would suspect that the heat/fan relay is not turning on the fan but is energizing the heat causing an overdraw of current, which in turn is causing the tripping of the breakers.

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